Friday, December 09, 2005

Talking in Code

It's been bugging me. It really has. While at Sunny's my dad visited, as I have already mentioned. His cell phone rang and it was my sister (technically my half-sister, different moms, ya know), it was clear that we should all be quiet. Don't ask me how, it just seemed clear to me.

Well it apparent that he hadn't told my sister (who lives a few blocks from him in Brooklyn NY) where he was going, or anything about Sunny. I suppose he may have felt like it wasn't his information to share, but it's my sister why shouldn't she know? Yeah, yeah, I haven't contacted her, but I only have so much energy to talk about the damn cancer. It would be nice if he had told her, for me. He never asked me about telling her, but did ask about our cousin who hosts Thanksgiving, so I would have thought he would ask what I wanted to do about my siblings (sis has a twin brother).

I guess the real issue is that my dad likes to keep secrets, he has a habit of lying, keeping people separate, creating weird coalitions and it seemed like he might be doing that again. I don't know. I suppose I could give him the benefit of the doubt that he was being respectful. He really has been a mensch about all of this, calling my mother, checking in with me. It just isn't my sense of him from growing up.

I know he's changed, but how much can someone change. Well I guess I hope a lot since I'm going into a field to help people grow and change, but when it's a parent, your parent sometimes your hope and faith isn't very strong.

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