Monday, December 19, 2005

Life Can Be Good

At some point today, I was musing that usually, Bill L would send a box of Fanny Mae chocolates as a holiday gift. I knew that box wouldn't come this year, Bill being the father of an ex. But then there was a knock at the door. At first I thought it was "the box" that The GF had been warned by her mother was coming, but it looked a little small. (I later found out that she thought it was waaaay to small and was about to put on a major pout.)

The box was addressed to me! It was from Hunza Printers, who we use for the newsletter that I organize (which is, tres late, as I write this) for BirthWays. If you ever need a printing job done and well, call Nina over at Hunza, she's lovely and tell I sent you. Lo and behold, it was a box of chocolates!!!! Not Miss Mae's, but Sees, which is awfully, awfully good. I am sure you are probably thinking, well hold on just a delectable lipid moment there girl! If you recevied this box of lusciousness though your lovely organization, shouldn't you share with the rest of the board? Listen here, Miss Hi and Mighty. This newsletter stuff is hellish. I mean it! Sure I could be faster with my end of things but semi-annual event sucks the life out of me. So I ask you, don't I deserve some chocolate to make this go a little smoother?

I ate one piece upon opening the box, a mere 4 hours ago. I sighed, I smacked my lips, and yes, I actually moaned, it was that good. In fact some of the sounds emanating from me this afternoon, sounded suspiciously simliar to those that have bounced off the bedroom walls of late. Happily The Girl Friend didn't notice as she was once again ensconced in her Mactop.

In case anyone is wondering what is coming in the aforementioned box from Ohio, I will let you know. In the meantime we are hoping it will include requests GF put in for her seasonal gift order.
The requests are as followed: her mother's famous freezer strawberry jam, homemade sheep salve (a nasty smelling tar textured, amber colored cure all that is a family recipe), and Mike-Sell's Potato Chips. GF says there simply are no good potato chips in the Bay Area. She is a potato chip snob. Really.

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Jennie said...

I totally hear ya on the newsletter thing. I wish my church gave me a box o'chocolates for putting up with all that.

Enjoy your See's, sweetie. You deserve it.