Friday, December 30, 2005

Pyro Kitty

Now we see why the candles were all over the table the other night.

Sure enough he knocked one out right in front of us.

But then the poor guy burned his nose! Which was followed immediately by a sneeze. (This guy sneezes A LOT.) He kept licking his nose, like "Wait a minute, that didn't feel good!".

He stayed away fromt he candles and we were able to let them burn out on their own tonight.

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Rabbitch said...


I had a big blue-grey and white kitty who set his own butt on fire when I was online one night, and then stood there with this "what's that smell?" look on his face for a while.

No winkies were harmed in the making of this comedic event, but I had gone 13 years without looking at his ... had hoped not to have to add that experience to my life history.