Tuesday, December 20, 2005


The Baby Sweater From Hell! Really. I just casted off the bottom. Should I block it?
I mean it's going to live on a teddy bear, and doesn't fit him. So it's official I have made something besides a scarf or a hat.

On to finishing my mother's ankle warmers. I am using a pattern from a sweet little book, that mom bought me at Flying Fingers in Irvington NY, Easy Knitted Accessories by Jeanette Trotman. Only using one colour and will probably make them shorter since she just wants something to extend past her socks a bit. Plus I don't have that much yarn, just one skein of Brown Sheep Company's Lambs Pride Super Wash in "japanese plum", same yarn as her beret.

I am thinking of frogging the three rows because I started them on Addis 12 inch circular size 5 but it's not feeling comfortable. Of course after reading the instructions more carefully, straights are the recommended needles in size 7. Oops. Which of course is the recommended size needle for the said yarn. Directions? I don't need no stinking directions.

Also need to find a great hat pattern and lovely yarn to make a "chemo" hat for her as soon as possible. Any great ideas? I have lots of patterns saved in my bookmarks, I have books, magazines. But like cookbooks, I like to consult a huge number of sources before deciding. Jennie - Skein Lane..... SOON!


Jennie said...

No, don't block it, don't bother. And yes, Skein Lane, SOON. Preferably with Graham sacked out in the stroller.

Anonymous said...

I'll post it here for the world to read. You two go to Skein Lane and I'll take the Grahamster so you two can enjoy yourselves leisurely.

The GF