Sunday, December 11, 2005

Rumors of my math skills have been greatly exaggerated

Actually they are not my math skills, it was a reporting of data from my mother.
Here is her writing on the statistics of her care options:

The chemo is to prevent a recurrence, which I have roughly a 50% chance of. Trouble is, there's only a 50% chance that chemo /will/ prevent it. Recurrence, in my case, means metastasis, a word I've never been able to pronounce. Now I think I know why. What other common words can't I pronounce? Not too many. Lindsay went over the actual statistics, and even he says the difference between chemo and no chemo is very slim. He does think it's worth trying, if I'm willing, and he's the type who will carry (and has carried) buckets for me. Of course, it's me filling the buckets, not him. At least he probably won't have to hold my hair. ;-) Yes, I know I have a dark sense of humor. But if anything saves me, I believe it will be my sense of humor. That's my version of "positive thoughts."

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