Friday, December 30, 2005

Random thoughts none require

an individual post.

1 - I was surprised, honored and delighted to see my blog entered on someone else's blogroll. Someone I don't know personally! The delightful Ancrene Wiseass. I am touched really as I admired her work.

2 - My last post, showed me that I am capable of long winded writing. Sheesh. Who knew?

3 - This morning I got up and while brushing my teeth looked in the mirror and thought, "Wow, I have serious sexy bedhead this morning." No really, I honestly was reminded of Bridget Bardot! For those who aren't well associated with me in person, let me assure you that normally I spy myself in the mirror and start listing all that's wrong with what I see. It is quite an occasion for me to look in the mirror and think, "hey there Sexy!". What was really funny is that The Girl Friend had the same response to my look this a.m. Even down to the Bridget Bardot part. Believe me, the hair is the only resemblance I have to this gorgeous woman.

4 - Trader Joe's has the BEST Cherry preserves on earth. I'm telling ya, sex in a jar. Yum!

5 - I am continuing to enjoy this winter holiday season. Only Atticus makes the channukah candles a dangerous feat. I have never seen a cat so fascinated by fire. The night before last I looked and saw that one of the candles had gone out before it was spent. Odd, I thought. Later I looked closer only to find that all the other candles had been knocked out and were sprawled across the newspaper on the table, complete with burned out sections of the paper! Last night Atticus jumped on the table, staring, hypnotized by the flames, inching closer and closer. It was decided for safety sake to blow the candles out. Tonight the camera will hopefully capture our pyromanaical feline in action.

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Ancrene Wiseass said...

Thank you for the kind words, Dharma! I doubt I'll be the last person you don't know to place you on her blogroll.

And congratulations on the Bardot hair!