Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ritalin Might be An Option

I realize that puppies are, by their very definition, ADD but I truly think our Puppyman may be actually ADD rather than simply having a case of puppy-itis. Take for example Wyatt and the ball. At the park yesterday, The Girl Friend throws the ball, after first getting his attention to let him know there is a ball to be chased. This, in and of itself, no small task of concentration on his part.

She tosses.

He chases.

He captures.

Ball is in his mouth, he is running back to us.

Oh, what's this, barely out of the corner of his eye he detects...what exactly is entirely unclear to the average vision, but whatever it is, in a split second of his attention being pulled the ball is forgotten about, witness his mouth going ever so slightly lax and the said spherical object falling to the ground, while Wyatt's head turns to ..... again, what the hell could he have possibly seen as there is nothing there. I mean nothing.

If it's not some invisible floaty catching his attention it's a scent, with the some lolling ball being left for the human to rescue while Puppyman gives chase.

Okay, I can hear you now, saying perhaps he simply isn't a ball dog and is merely humoring us with his vague attempts to play fetch. To this I say, Fie! He is a dog, he must be ball crazy. He simply must. I tell you he has ADD, if only we could help him with this horrible condition he and we would live happily in ball chasing and fetching land. I am sure that living in the dog heaven that the Bay Area, and specifically in Berkeley we could easily find a vet who would be more than willing to prescribe ritalin, or maybe even aderall which would entirely change our existance and all would be good.

And as a side benefit maybe he would have allowed his stuffed Santa toy to stay intact for more than 2 minutes this morning. I mean it, two minutes and this sweet toy was beheaded, destuffed, and torn limb from limb.

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Anonymous said...

It's only dear sweet santa, to you. To Wyatt, it's a race to see how fast this toy can be destoryed. He is after all a little boy.