Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Traditions with Family

Last night was simply lovely. It really was. The Girl Friend and I have been starting our holiday season traditions. We decided to have some people, who we consider family, over to light the chanukah candles with us.

Of course this necessitated cooking, because, well I was one of the hosts. Going to my ultimate source, Cooks Illustrated (are you seeing a pattern here?), I scored a latke recipe which also covered how to making them earlier in the day and have them not taste like hockey pucks. November/December 1999, in case you need to find it. Let me assure you that they were great! As an aside, made without flour thus suitable for those with gluten issues. Seriously the best latkes I have ever had, best GF ever had and let us remember she is very picky about all things food.

In addition I made sufganiot (or soufganiot depending on where you are reading, speaking of which did you know that there are approximately a dozen different spellings for chanukah), which are jelly doughnuts. For these however I did not use my ultimate source, instead using another excellent source, The Book of Jewish Food, by Claudia Roden. This book is definitely a book to read and to use. Again, excellent recipe. I have made this one before but only once maybe twice before and not for years upon years. I used cherry preserves and apricot preserves for the fillings.

We socialized, lit candles, watched the most excellent video The Girl Friend made about our niece - not a dry eye in the house, I tell ya! Ate latkes with applesauce and sour cream. Fried up the doughnuts which were quickly devoured.

Our guests were:
Jennie, her son Graham (age 5.5 years), and her mother, Sharon -who had never see a menorah lit and was so gracious about the event.

Sue and Sarah, and their baby boy Isaiah (age 1.5 years).

Ruthie and Akilah, and their children Isabella (almost 5 years) and Ben (just over 2 years).

It was a lovely, lovely evening and one we hope to make an annual tradition, although next year I will make way more latkes and sufganiot!

After everyone left The Girlfriend and I exchanged gifts for the second night of chanukah. I found a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament of Tigger - a huge fav of GF. It was perfect, I wish you all could have seen her face when she opened it. I got a calendar of pin-up art! I love love pin-up art. Even my checks have babes on them. Huh, maybe they have been discontinued because I can't find them on their website. Oh I just found it, only it's a new artist. Good thing I need to order checks with my new address!

Tonight, The Girlfriend had a choice of gifts to open, the magazine she picked out today or one of two unknown gifts. Hee hee. Drove her nuts. She chose this gift, which upon seeing what it was said "You rock!". I am doing so well with the gifting so far. Yeah me. She gave me one I had picked out, which is filling me glee! But I am NOT going to open it until January 1st to peek at it. Well at least that's what I'm saying right now.

I am so enjoying life right now.

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Jennie said...

Do you know how tickled I am to learn of 24 spellings of Chanukkah?

and Aaaaaaagh! I got the 365 Knitting Patterns calendar too! This year is going to be SO FUN. Yes, I peeked into it already.