Monday, December 05, 2005

Column A Comes with Eggroll

Yep, the title comes from one of mom's jokes. God she is incredible. The stats size up like this: if she does chemo, she has about a 50% chance of no remission in the next ten years. For the math genuis among us - anyone? Yes, that means that she has about a 50% chance of no remission if she doesn't do chemo. The doc gave her two recommended course of chemo, which my mother characterized as "one comes with eggroll the other comes with dessert". She is SO frigging funny.
She regards chemo as poison, as do I. Kind of on the lines of the old commercials "
why trade your headache for an upset stomach". The side effects are pretty wretched. The compelling piece is the doctor suggesting (this is my mother's interpretation please remember) that if she doesn't do the chemo and the cancer reoccurs, well "might as well start digging" - my mother's words.

So yes, after after the phone call I felt pretty damn tired. It was Dog Park time by the time I finished and I knew that Karen wouldn't let me beg off, and she didn't. Yeah yeah, out of doors, sun, wind, looking at the water, watching Wyatt play all good things. I know. We ran into Wyatt's new best friend, Piccolo and her human, Ruth. They are both fantastic and a lot of fun. It's a little scary as one tends to know the dogs names and have no idea of the human's name. Like Jughead - great dog, his dad seems nice, just have no idea of his name. And Leo, a beautiful Weimaraner, who is another of Piccolo's buddies. I really do like going there. We only did two short loops today. Oh well. Some is better than none, for all of us.

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