Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A shopping we will go

Finally Jennie and I had our date to shop at Skein Lane, Friday before christmas. Jennie, who rocks! presented me with a gift certificate to said shop. Sharon, Jennie's mom (she who also rocks!) and I tromped off while The Girl Friend hung at our homestead with Jennie's son, Graham.

What fun we had! I had printed off a great number of patterns before going and carefully chose ones to bring with me that I really wanted to try to find yarn for. The Girl Friend has requested a scarf, mittens, and a hat though she realizes that this may all take awhile. Girl Friend decided that she like a pattern I had found for Jennie (different link for She Who Rocks, btw - it's her knitting blog!) recently.

On Jennie's site you can see the yarn that she is using. I found this great stuff for GF - Classic Elite's Inca Alpaca in color board 3, color 1182, Heather Violet. It is SO soft and, I think, the color is perfect for her. I chose the Heart scarf pattern by Stephanie Roy for my mother. For her scarf, I found this delicous yarn, Ornaghi Filati, Country, Le Fantasie. It's 50% wool, 10% alpaca, and 40% acrylic in this fantastic deep pink.

Okay I have just been all over the net trying to find a link for this damn yarn, really. usa sites, candian sites, Ornaghi's site over in italy. Nowhere!!! Weird. Seriously I can't find it on Ornaghi's site - lots of other yummy looking yarn, but not what I bought. Anyway, it's beautiful.

Oh and then, I just couldn't resist some yarn on ebay. I know! I've got it bad. I bought skeins and skeins of this, I just know I'll use to make something for our niece, Leigh and 4 of this, maybe for me {gasp}. I probably bought enough of the pinkish one to make an entire wardrobe for Leigh, but I just loved it. If I don't when I get it I am sure I can resell it or barter. Also I am keeping an eye on this yarn for our friend Jeriann. Jeriann loves blue, apparently baby blue especially but I don't know if I can do that color. This yarn look yummy and since she lives in Ohio, I figure a good scarf is needed.

Jennie, all of this is your fault.

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