Monday, December 12, 2005

Testing... testing

Somehow it's already 11am and I have accomplished just about nothing. Yesterday I was productive in that the laundry is finally caught up, polished up the stove and the counters in the kitchen, ran the dishwasher TWICE last night, made cat food (yes we make our own) and The Girlfriend made Aunt Lila's chicken and noodles - hence running the dishwasher twice.

This morning, well not so much. Still have to take a shower. Made coffee, made our current usual of oatmeal for breakfast, checked email, did my at least once daily slog through the blogs. Okay, the best thing I did so far was call human resources for my NEW JOB. I am going to the office today at 3pm to start, what promises to be, quite the process. The TB test, no surprise. The physical, well okay, haven't had one for quite some time, though I expect it will be the standard brief event that tells you nothing except you are obviously not on death's door. Fingerprinting! Kinda cool. Haven't had that done before.

Also on the list today is to sort out some phone bill fiasco. Due to a blizzard of mail and bills when The Girlfriend and I set up cohabitation, I apparently paid about $71 to an account in her name from Ohio that didn't have anything due, or some other amount than what I paid. Okay, I admit I have been ignoring the bills in terms of really studying this one other than noting we keep having a credit with AT&T. Just yesterday I determined that it's an account in her name, with an Ohio number. So now, since AT&T and SBC have merged (what are there now like 2 phone companies?), I am hoping to apply that credit to one or more of our other phone bills. That should waste about 2 hours of my time today, with additional time throughout the week, I'm sure.

Big accomplishment for yesterday, I almost forgot! was taking serious steps toward catching up on schoolwork. Now that isn't to say that any actual work got done, mind you, just that groundwork was laid so that it could be done. In my world, that is cause for celebration.

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Jennie said...

"so that it could be done." Sounds good to me! Brava!