Monday, December 05, 2005

Once again, the damned phone doesn't ring

Today is Sunny's appointment with the oncologist. Can I just say that I feel totally out of control being 3000 miles away. If I still lived on the east coast I would have just driven down and gone with, ya know?

I spoke to her yesterday, with her sounding a bit nervous and stressed. I reminded her to breathe, often and deeply, to unhunch her shoulders, and recommended taking Rescue Remedy. She said she had only taken it for physical stress and didn't realize one could take it for emotional stress. Jeez.

Knitting Content: Figured out the joining up stuff for the baby sweater from hell. It is so messed up pattern wise but hey, it looks like a sweater and that's gotta be good for something.

One for the books:
I said yesterday to Karen, "I decided you're right, I did..."
"EXCUSE ME? Could you say that again", as she mutes the television for even more emphasis.
Sighing loudly, reply "It's true that I have...."
"No, start again from the beginning!"
Clearing my throat, realizing I must suffer my fate and repeat those words, "You are right, I have learned a lot by making this sweater, even with all the mistakes."

Actually she has been quite sweet about it and keeps saying how cute it is, with such a loving look in her eyes, like she likes it or something. She thinks it might fit her teddy bear, but I'm dubious. So a few more inches in the hellish broken pattern, finish off in garter for an inch and it's time for blocking - again just for practice.

Now she wants mittens and a scarf. I have never made mittens, so as long as she is willing to become a fashion victim, we are good to go. I was going to make her a sweater but mittens and a scarf will be done faster. Right? Just have to find a good, easy pattern for mittens. I think Jennie's right about the avoiding the Zimmerman triangle tipped mittens. Besides that seems like mitering and I am just not ready for that. Any recommendations for new to mittens patterns? I really do have a treasury of websites stored where I am sure I can find something. Just like asking the question.

Okay I started this post quite some time ago, to distract me from the phone. It has sort of worked except that now looking at the clock on the cable box distainfully staring back the time of 11:03am isn't a good thing. That means it's 2 friggin o'clock in NY! Her appointment was at 10am, okay she actually had to be there at 9am to make sure all her forms where filled out correctly, nonetheless we are talking 4 hours since the supposed appointment. I am trying to think that this a good thing in that she is getting a very complete, with lots of explanations kind of visit. That's what's happening, right?

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