Sunday, December 18, 2005

Season of Miracles

Okay, I realize this is not a miracle by some folks' standards, but here, in this house it is. The miracle is I have been getting The Girlfriend to eat breakfast at all, and before 11am! Regularly! One secret that I accidently discovered is that she likes oatmeal, how easy is that when one uses Quaker Oats and not the absolutely fabulous steel cut oats. Simple, I mean really. She likes it pretty plain, some brown sugar and milk. I add raisins and walnuts to mine, sometimes a splash of milk.

Of course, this being a very gray morning with thunder and lightning, and Sunday we had a more elaborate breakfast. She actually offered up that she would like eggs and bacon. I decided to warm up the rest of the sweet baguette (that was bought for the fabulous lasagna {November 1994 version} made on Friday) and some grits, because what kind of Sunday breakfast is it for a southern girl, which GF is, without grits. The GF was sitting playing on her Mactop doing who knows what. Well I have some idea she was on some geek board reading her geek pals posts on some obscure geek topic. I do believe she was pleasantly surprised by the spread for breakfast.

I did mention that given last night's {ahem} activities that I thought she could use a hearty repast. She laughed. I love her laugh. What I loved more this morning was this little vignette. I am at the stove tending to the bacon, she walks in saying, "Blah blah......." Dead pause. Walks up behind me and grabs my ass, "God I love that ass. You know I walked in here saying something and completely forgot what I was saying and could only think about how you look in those pants". Did I mention that I love this woman?

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louisiana swamp rat said...

Oh my gosh, is girlfriend (can't remember if you are using real names) channeling my sweetie, or what??? Wife has an amazing obsession with my ass, and I can't for the life of me understand why, but there it is...