Sunday, February 13, 2011

Caught in the Light

You are always beautiful. Often your hair flows, slides, down across your shoulders, your face, your back. Yes, frequently it needs to be brushed but it always seems to beg my fingers to drift through it. There are times you look studious, or sometimes you look like this

It's hard to believe how much that expression is like yours but of course since you never see yourself do this you just have to trust me on this.

Your eyes are amazing, the color shifting to greener, or less green with dark lashes, attentive, smiling, serious.

But sometimes, like late last night when you reached over me to grab something in the dusky light of the bedroom, you look.... something beyond common beauty and take my breath away. It only lasts a moment but it stirs something deep and strong in me; if I get cold I should simply recall that brief glimpse because it warms me. It's special, intangible moments like that make what we have so lovely - being able to take in single moments, relishing them, you, us in the here and now.

Happy Valentine's Day.