Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Not Isaiah, But It Is Isaiah!

Dog Park Time. Wyatt meets up early with Piccolo, much to their mutual delight. The associated humans are pretty happy to see one another as well. Piccolo and Ruth leave early, and our family (Wyatt is much bigger now, this was waaay back in May) go for another loop. As usual he is ahead of us romping and greeting. Well he finds his favorite human type to greet - a baby. As usual we call out, No Wyatt, Not Isaiah! as he jumps up on a front pack wearing mama and her babe. The mama turns to us and says, "But he is Isaiah!". We all laugh. Okay the command should have been "No, Not Your Isaiah". We often say, "Not your baby", as in Isaiah this amazing toddler we know and who has a lovefest with Wyatt when they are together. Who woulda thunk?

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