Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday in Almost New England

Croton on Hudson, NY really doesn't quality as New England, for me anyway. There are naked trees, and some with dulling colors of fall. Yesterday Sunny and I went for a walk on the trail that's at the end of their road, where it was lovely to have the crunch of leaves under my step. The light is so much lower here than in Berkeley so that it feels later much earlier.

The visit continues to go really well. In fact Sunny let me throw out old peanut butter jars - lots of them! What a coup! About 2 dozen went into recycling. Her office area is atrocious but I haven't spoken to her about it yet, maybe tomorrow before we go to the surgeon.

My father and his girlfriend (such a weird term to use, I mean they aren't kids!). Okay, his partner, significant other, oh I give up - his Maddie. I just adore her!!!!!!!!! She is so good for him and doesn't let him dominate conversations, she is funny too. The visit went really well. He brought, as requested, real jewish rye bread for Sunny - she is over the moon. I thought she was going to crawl into the bag. Also, bagels, lox and cream cheese. Ah new york bagels - it's heaven. They have left and Sunny is napping. I will start cooking the chicken livers when I'm doing writing. I have never made chopped chicken liver, at least I don't think so. I hope I can make to her liking. Mostly I am sure that I can.

Oh yes. I finished the beret and gave it to her the other day. It's a great color for her and as expected she is showing it off. Last night she wore it across to the street to the neighbors and of course today when we went out to lunch. No doubt if there is the least bit of chill she will wear to the surgeon and tell him all about it tomorrow. Absolutely she will wear Tuesday when we go to her hair cutter, Heidi.

I do miss being home with my love and I talk incessantly about her and the critters. I hope I'm not boring anyone too much.

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Anonymous said...

So you're talking about your honey, huh. Well inquiring minds want to know, what are you saying about her?