Monday, November 07, 2005

Gathering the troops

What troops you might ask? What indeed. I just couldn't think of a title. I guess the troops of support inside my own head and heart, and outside forces as well. By this time tomorrow momcat's surgery should be over, since it's noonish here, and 3pmish in NY. But I will be here, in the gloomy Bay Area (where is that DAMN sun!), waiting for a phone call ideally from her, but her husband would be fine too. With all that is possible and the universe full of light I am hoping that whoever I speak to will tell me that there is no spread of cancer cells, that the most basic of mastectomies has been done, and she is doing great.

We had a great call the other day discussing what all we would be doing while I was there. She has been sounding really good, I am thanking the goddesses with difficult mothers that her meds were adjusted before this and working so well. I do expect a crash once I'm actually there. Our plan is to go for walks, do light yoga (I really need to do something my body is going to hell in a handbasket!), and try to have fun. I have encouraged her to get a massage while I am there, we may go get our hair cut at her favorite place which only uses Aveda products and is all new agey sounding - just her kind of place. Lord knows that I haven't been able to afford a trim and besides that I have no idea what to do next with my hair. Any suggestions?

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