Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The corset restricting my breathing comes off

Well, in my stepdad's indoubtable wisdom he hadn't yet called me. I called the hospital, got her direct dial, only to get a busy signal. Karen finally got fed up and called the hospital who connected her with a nurse somewhere and put me on. They hadn't turned on the phone in the room!!!

I speak to Lindsay (stepdad) who tells me that things look fine, no apparent spread to the nodes, but they have to wait for the official word in about two days. Says, get this!!!! "I was waiting till we took care of her nausea to go home and call you." Did I mention he's a very rational, non-emotive kind of guy? Now of course they are saying that she probably won't come home until Thursday, so he adds, So I will probably pick you up from the airport myself. Uh, no, not without checking with my mother you won't be! So practical he is.

Breathing is much easier now.

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