Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So happy to be home

It is so nice to sleep in one's own bed. To shower in a bathroom that is familiar. Receive kisses from girlfriend and puppy.

While away it was hard to focus enough to write, to think about myself. I called Greg while I was in NY and he asked what my days were like. "Amorphous" was my reply. It was true. I had no grasp on the day of week most of the time, I stayed up until at least 1am each night, and woke anywhere from 8am to 11am, often if I woke early I went back to sleep. I felt tired and hungry most of the time in ways that didn't seem connected to how much rest or food I actually had.

In true form, I finished Sunny's beret after arrival. I started and finished a pair of booties, a very simple pattern but it gave me a sense of completion that was helpful. We did eat bagels, we did get our hair cut, we did go for great walks. No yoga, but I left her the video tape to inspire her.

For my sanity I finally got out of the house alone, two days before I left and took a scenic drive to Lee's Yarn where I was in heaven at the shelves and shelves of yarn. I was restrained buying the needles I had come in search of and some other accessories. But then I spied the sale rack and swept up the 6 balls of Jo Sharp's infusion kid mohair colour 614. I have no idea what I can do with this yarn but it was too lovely and 50% off! I squeezed this trip in. Later with Sunny, we found Flying Fingers, and she who doesn't knit was in heaven looking at the colors and textures. When she saw that I had bought, along with knitting props and two books, she exclaimed that I was truly her daughter - I walked out with books and no yarn. Even though she was paying, I couldn't justify buying yarn without knowing what I would use it for and if it were enough for the project I would assign it in the future. I love the books I got and plan to make a number of the project so that I can expand my skills. I told mum that now she knew where to buy yarn she like so she could purchase it, send it to me and I would make her stuff. It seems like a good thing to me.

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