Thursday, November 10, 2005

Landed in the East

So many things to say. I miss my animals so much, and of course my sweetheart. The plane rides were uneventful, which is always nice. I will be taking some pictures here and there to post later.

The really sad part is I get to this sweet little airport, White Plains, NY expecting to see either a cab person with one of those white cards with my name, or my stepdad. Nope, no one. Okay, maybe they're late, because my plane was late. Hm. Still no one. Go to make a call, not having a cell phone (unpaid bill don't ya know) I go for my phone call. Ha. Not there, left home after specifically checking wallet before. Okay was very tired, having sleep about 4.5 hours. Finally decide to use 50 cents to call the hospital, a guy answers my mom's phone in what apparently is no longer her room. I can't use a credit card to make call, again, what income, have almost no cash. Finally getting a tad concerned but hopeful I call mom collect - sure enough she is there. Yeah! Great sign. She, Lindsay and I get everything straightened out.

I go outside to wait for the cab, putting on my jacket as it is rainy and a bit chilly. I reach into my coat pocket to find poop bags from the dog park, oh my sweet crazy Wyatt, what I wouldn't give for a kiss from him.

Momcat actually greets me at the door which warms me, but she looks hunched over, her face a bit swollen and bags like I have never seen before under her eyes. And tired. She seems to get smaller each time I see her, it's been a year still I last visited.

Later I tell her, "listen I know you really wanted to show off your new bathroom but this is a bit extreme, don't ya think?".

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