Monday, November 19, 2007

Black Monday

You know those days when everything seems like too much. When lifting yourself off the couch to go pee is about all you can manage? When you keep eating cookies even though you are so full you're feeling sick? When nothing in particular is running through your head and you're not watching a sappy Lifetime movie but you are crying anyway? Yeah, that's the day I had today.

I was going to bake banana bread but going four blocks away for baking soda was too much to contemplate. Leftover roast chicken is still sitting in the fridge rather than turned into some fantabulous dinner. Knitting should have happened but didn't. The surprise project didn't get worked on. Nothing got done. I mean absolutely nothing.

Shortly before TGF was to leave work I texted her to say it was a bad day and I could not be here when she got home. She called, was terribly sweet and said she wanted to see me, that it was okay that I didn't do anything, that I didn't have to cheer up.

Reason #897 why I love her.

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