Friday, November 16, 2007

A tour of the neighborhood , part I (more photos!)

Since I have found my camera cable (finally!), and I finally remembered to take my camera while I walked Wyatt y'all will get a glimpse of where we are. Wyatt and I walked for at least an half hour today wondering this way and that. Found some houses I hadn't seen before - this neighborhood is so interesting architecturally speaking.

Here is an example of the signs we saw everywhere as we drove towards the Oak Street house that first Saturday on the 29th of September.

These signs intrigued us and led us to believe (rightfully so) that this was good community that was working hard.

This is a shot of the house that brought us to the neighborhood. It is also the place we put a bid on to no avail. Located on Oak Street, there are a lot of houses that are being saved by Team South Park.

Here is the beautiful home that had TGF, Jer and I oogling, which lead to meeting Maureen, which led us to Holly, who led our to our landlady KM. When I went by it today the "for sale" sign was gone so perhaps it's been sold to some lucky person. It is known as the Balcony House.

Here is a shot of part of the Greenway that I love for it's curvy paths, it's beautiful crunch of leaves, and the space of nature half a block away.

The other thing that enchants me are the alleys that allow one to cut through and sneak all sorts of ways around the neighborhood. Yes cars can drive through them, garages are usually located on the alley behind the house. This is the one next to our place and where I take amusing short evening walks with Wyatt and Atticus cautioning Wyatt not to hunt "easter eggs" and beckoning Atty to catch up. Our place is just to the right of this shot.

Finally here is a shot of our place. We live on the left hand side. The old house was easy to find a nickname for (casa de Cedar) but I have been stuck so far with this one so if something strikes you let me know.

More shots later, maybe tomorrow, or not. {grin}


Alex said...

Well you could call it Forest (as it's forest green) or Box O' Chocolates, or Kelly House (for Kelly green), or Cartman House (cuz you're in South Park).

It looks like a beautiful neighborhood.

Kate said...

What a lovely neighbourhood - do American hourse often not have front fences?