Sunday, November 04, 2007

I found my hidey hole

While researching the area when the topic of this move first came up I had lobbied for potentially moving to Yellow Springs. In my searches I found that the town had a street fair in October, so the idea of going there had been in my mind for months. As it turned out we were not moving that day and as a bonus Jeriann was up for adult time as Cody was doing a visit with another aunt.

Jer came by the new place so she could give us her verdict - she approved by the way. She came by while TGF was out running an errand. As we were chatting there was a knock at the door and I looked at her, shrugging. It was our next door neighbor who had just left this unit. According to Karin she moved because she needed more space due to being a pack rate. The neighbor/former tenant said she moved because there was no central air. Somewhere between those two lies reality methinks. A short time later the three of us hopped in our car and were off to Yellow Springs.

It was one of those perfect autumn day with a bright sky that seems to only happen in the month of October. The air was warm, the sun was shining and the trees were a kaleidoscope of colours. The trip was short and it delighted me that this area was so close. Skylines were open and there was rural feel that was invigorating and compelling.

The streets of the fair were crowded and the bustling didn’t bother me the way it usually does but Jeriann had a hard time with it. The stores we went into were like those one would find in Northampton or Berkeley but the setting brought New Paltz to mind more than any other town. Jeriann and I made plans to come back another time so we could browse the stores in greater comfort. We decided to head back to our neck of the woods. Hunger was getting to all of us so we decided to head “The Tavern,” a popular spot amongst South Parkers, which I guess we were on our way to being. Who should we see there but Teresa, the bartender/waiter greeted us like old timers, and it was feeling a bit like Cheers only real. Actually the waiter was hoot and a half; and the pizza was fantastic! Towards the end of our meal I noticed our new landlady, Karin, eating there as well. As we were readying to leave she noticed me and called me over to chat for a moment. This place truly has a small town feel. In a good way.

After dinner we pick up the dog and walk around the greenway. Rehabarama has begun and we are by one the houses. TGF say, go head go in; so Jer and I walk into this amazing house, immediately critiquing the choices of furniture and colour to our hearts’ content. The greeter at the house asks for our tickets and when we say “Huh”. He laughs and mentions his wife is on a dinner break. Aha! He must be Karin’s husband so I prompting introduce myself and we chat about the house. “Have you ripped out the carpeting yet?” Oh I am so happy to hear that I can do this. There is so awful blue carpeting in both bedrooms upstairs and on the stairs themselves. Of course I am hoping there will be lovely wood floor underneath but even if they are terrible it won’t be carpeting which I abhor.

It was a lovely day.


Jbeeky said...

Just coming back from the East, I know what you mean by those perfect fall days. My son was screaming as we landed in New Hampshire about all the colors of the trees. It truly is magical and I am glad you are enjoying yourself.

wen said...

there used to be a delicious ice cream shop in yellow springs. ask around--people should know it!

Jafabrit said...

wen, are you thinking of Young's Dairy? Then there is the corner cone on the corner of walnut st and dayton st.