Friday, November 09, 2007

Animal Antics

Back in California Wyatt ran free often at the various dog parks. In the one closest to our house we encouraged him to play by chasing the ground squirrels. Clearly the squirrels in California have an advanced communication system in which they told the squirrels here to heckle my dog.

The greenway by our house is positively riddled with squirrels which Wyatt is dying to chase but off leash is not an option. Even if he were to go free these beasts can climb the trees which he cannot. It is a very amusing image when he stands up against the tree, front paws stretched as high as possible as the squirrel swoops from branch to branch to wires stretched between posts. They chatter to each other, and perhaps are even chanting taunts to my dog. Who knows. Aside from the arm wrenching that ensues it is great fun.

Atticus, our special needs cat (if he were a human child he would be in PT and OT), has decided to join in the short walks up and the down the alley at night, sometimes during day light hours as well. So in the dark and chilled air I am frequently walking Wyatt, scolding him with the command "No easter eggs" (aka cat shit) and calling Atty to catch up. Whether it's invisible enemies, the cold, or who knows what, his tail is often bushed out to several times it's normal diameter when he comes in the house. Tonight after the walk he went to the litter (Hello you were just outside!). Well I have a bit of a curtain in front and he was making it waggle like the Wizard pulling the levers.

Taking Gemma to the vet has caused a huge dent in my bank account and the charming need to give her both oral antibiotics and ear drops. The payoff has been huge and so worth pinching pennies and washing the scratches. She is my playful kitty once again, with her infections healing. Poor baby must have pain in so much pain, no wonder she was nicknamed "bitch" on occasion. Now she is "Glamour Girl" around the clock.

Marcelle has discovered a new way to get filthy now that the outdoors are off limits to her. She likes to get into attic space (which will became my closet and storage) off our bedroom where she can crawl behind the sheet rock and under the floor. Today her paws and belly were positively gray and she couldn't be happier.

The grand dame, Grace, started sleeping with us again the last two nights at Casa de Cedar when we were on the air mattress in the living room. She has kept that up through the transition; it has been over two years (when we brought Wyatt and the first of the foster home) since she has done that. It's really nice, especially for TGF as Grace is her cat (she moved from Ohio to California, and now back again).

Though they often drive me crazy every day, they also make me smile every day.

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