Monday, November 26, 2007

One task down

Right before moving in I found out that I could rip out the rugs in the two bedrooms upstairs (and on the stairs - ugh!). Since we were getting our belongings unloaded on a Wednesday, and TGF was in Indiana at corporate training it was my task to complete.

The rug was a lovely blue as you can see. This is a bunch of it all pulled up. I forgot to take a
photo before embarking on the job. Much to my dismay in our bedroom was not the wood floor I had hoped for but tile. Ugly tile.

I search
ed around for an inconspicuous spot to see how far down until wood, if there was a real wood floor or just a subfloor. A short time of exploring netted a wood floor. Luckily the substrate it was laid on was not as thick and weighty as when I did this in my house in Massachusetts.
Another lucky thing was discoving the other room (which will be the office) only had carpeting over wood.

There was yet another discovery however. Underneath the tile was a linoleum "rug" laid in the center for the room. I decided to leave it to add some charm even though one section was less than pristine. A few hours later I had done about 80% of the room, it was about 7 or 8 at night. Jeriann and Cody had stopped by and helped me clean up.

Today I finally took crowbar and hammer to the rest of the floor. I love it. It makes it feel homey, more like a bedroom now. Next on my list is the rest of the rug on the landing (which is tiny) and the stairs. TGF has been making some headway in the office too which is exciting.

Oh and Wednesday we are getting newer appliances as the stove and refrigerator! The ones we have are at least 25 years old and I may be being generous. The "new" ones are used but way newer (I hope - our landlady is supplying them). It looks like I will be getting one with the freezer on the bottom - I love those.

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Jbeeky said...

That is a pretty big deal! Good for you!