Tuesday, November 27, 2007

"I got nothing. Well scratch that I'm sure there's something in there but I can't find it", I whined.

"Well just start writing", TGF said with encouragement.

In truth I feel like the majority of my writing this month has been horrible mediocre however I do feel like it has been a good exercise to write everyday. It has also been a good exercise to use my camera more, of course the neighborhood has been very inspiring so that helps.

Random thoughts will follow.

Went to Therapy Cafe again this week, really like this group of women. I am happy to find people to hang out with so early in my time in Ohio but I miss my friends in California. I miss real talks, maybe not "real" but the ease of time, bond, the intangible something when you "know" someone.

There has been a thread on the Queer Ravelry board on Ravelry about coming out in groups. The knitting groups I've gone to I have been direct and just matter of factly stated my partner is female. On another board, Dayton Fibers, someone was inviting me to another knitting group and mentioned that husbands/boyfriends were welcome, that they went to another table to prevent estrogen overload while talking geek speak. I laughed at the posting and easily wrote, "Actually my beloved is a woman who is also petrified of excessive amounts of estrogen and is extremely geeky. To me such a response is a no-brainer. How could I hang out with these folks and not be out? It is rare that I am not clear about this part of my life.

As I write this I am watching Law & Order: SVU. Paramedics would NEVER have the police officer run an IV. ARGHHH. Of course Cathy's bag of fluid brakes and contractions start within minutes. God I hate pregnancy, labour and birth on television. I am trying to stay quiet during the rest of the episode but I have TGF so well trained that she is having a hard time not muttering. It's not working I am muttering, biting my tongue, clenching my fists in order not to say anything.

Time for another bowl of pasta.

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Emily said...

I'm glad you're an open person and that you've found yourself comfortable here. Plus, how much sweeter is it to be able to say that you're making your first sweater for a your beloved and not just, oh, someone? :-)