Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Miracle Cure

Today has been a day of water. I have drank more water today than I have in days upon days. Plain water doesn't always work for me anymore, no idea why just is harder to get down regularly. I made up a pitcher of filtered water using True Lime and some artificial sweetener (it dissolves easier). It's like a fine nectar.

Today between waiting on AT&T, again (do not get me started on them!) and not having the handle thingy for the roller, I didn't get the primer on the walls in the bathroom. However, I really needed to bathe, especially since tonight is our little neighborhood soirée. I simply cannot go there with greasy hair and smelling like I have been scrubbing the bathroom and the stove (which is how I spent a lot of my day).

I didn't want to hang the shower curtains back up knowing I would be pulling them down again tomorrow so clearly a bath was the answer. It has been over two years since I had a good bath and today didn't quite quality as a luxury soak (no candles, no music) but Oh.My.God! I forgot how much I love taking bathes, something I didn't even know about myself until six years ago. It has put in me in a delightful mood. This is something I need to remember when I feel lousy. It is not easy for me to take time for myself in this way but it is exactly what I would suggest to someone else to do. Again, a lesson I have to practice more often - self care.

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