Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Third time's the charm

A few weeks ago we went furniture shopping with Jer and Cody because we frankly have no living room furniture. Our seating consists of two heirloom rocking chairs, one with a foot stool (TGF's grammy and mamaw {sp?} [great-grandmother] family pieces) and this really funky 50's chair thing that is in desperate need of new springs and fabric that doesn't scratch your skin.

Between cost, too deep seats since I'm so short, not cushy enough for TGF's taste, it was not a promising event. In add
ition she has a huge fondness for Lazyb*y sofas. You know the kind, where the two seats on the end recline? For my taste they are too stuffed looking, the profiles look like airplane seats - offends my aesthetic taste.

About a week later we went just the two of us and found only one thing that we agreed on at all but it was pricey and I wondered if it would fit well in the space. It was one of those L-shaped pieces with a chaise extension which meant TGF's need to prop her feet up would be met.

A week we tried again, this time going to a different showroom of a local chain. After wondering around a lot, I kept trying to like this one lazyboy-type couches. I tried so hard. Finally I e
xplained that to me such couches were on the same level as appliqué sweatshirts (told you there was nothing to worry about jbeeky) and minivans. These things are NOT me. No way, no how. She laughed but understood.

We took another spin around and found a couch we both liked. We stared at the couch, sat in the couch, stared at each other. The matching chair was not comfortable for TGF. (The photo is the same couch, different colour)

She suggested we look at reclining chairs, clearly hoping to win on that score. Scanning the three or four rows of reclining chairs I found one that had similar lines to the chair (very classic, late 40's-early 50's kind of look). She liked it, said it hit just the right spot in her back. Wow. This image is not the exact chair, but close.

Next step was to check on colours. No go on the any changes, a bit of a disappointment because they were not our first choice, very light yellow-beige sort of colour but really not bad. Well except for the fact that our dog has long black hair and three of our four cats are gray. Luckily the two colours match quite well, they are practically identical. Also with pillow and throws colour can easily be added I figure. The final step was financing. There was the clang of boom in the distance. No go, hadn't lived here long enough, hadn't been at job long enough. Bummer. But the delight that we found furniture we agreed on could not erase the glow we both had. I suggested that this was so miraculous that perhaps we should buy a lottery ticket.

Fast forward another week and TGF got a co-applicant so tomorrow the couch arrives!
The chair is back ordered but who cares. No more fighting over the one relatively comfortable seat in the house! I get to rearrange furniture tomorrow, one of my favorite things to do. No, seriously it is. My mother has said since I was a teenager that I should never live with a blind person because of my predilection for changing room layouts on a whim and without warning.

I have great hopes of this increasing my motivation to whip through this place getting it in shape.

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Wyatt's Mom said...

Um...for the record, I dragged you over to the couch and I spotted the chair and pointed it out to you. {razzberry}