Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Why I love Ravelry

1. That Tuesday night I couldn't sleep at all it kept me entertained in a quiet way while TGF slept in the motel room.

2. It is a great way to find about yarns I may never be able to afford.

3. I love love love seeing how different a pattern looks with different yarns, on different bodies.

4. It is a true 24/7 source of all things knitterly

5. I found out the scoop on local yarn shops.

6. Though the forums I found out just how many stitch n bitches are in my area. Seriously I could be at one Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Friday every week. It's crazy.

7. I have already made it to the Dayton Knitting Guild meeting once.

8. I have made the North Dayton snb twice already

9. Had a great unofficial drink and knit tonight with DaintyKitty, whom I met via Ravelry and then at one of the knit nights. It is a cool thing when you meet up with someone you don't know well and happily pass three hours hanging out with them.

10. It is another place for me to connect with my beloved Jennie of the Left Coast.

I'm sure there are other reasons but that's a pretty damn good start for something I thought I didn't need or see a reason to join.

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Emily said...

I couldn't believe it was ten o'clock when I got to my car - hooray for loosing track of time. :-)