Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dang I missed autumn - a photo essay

I wish I had taken photos since I've been here because the colours are mostly fading, or hard to capture. Or maybe the delight I feel when I see all the hues of greens, yellows, and red is hard to convey.

Today while out and about with Jeriann I wished f
or my camera a few times but wondered if I could have framed the feeling.

I have always like to watch the transformation of garden spots as the chill starts to permeate the air and shift the colours and textures.

When I can I like to think about how a plant changes through the seasons. These hostas are probably a variation of standard blue hostas but I think that practically glow in mid-autumn in a way that is more beautiful than in summer.

I love how this neighborhood has what they call pocket parks. Here is a shot of the one at the corner of James and Adams. The mounds on the right are lavender, the blooms are mum.

The sky is different out here and further east in the autumn, there is something crisp, sometimes painfully brilliant about the colour. Trees that offer shade in summer become a produce store for the critters.

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