Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Teal Secret (photo heavy)

Waaaay back when I posted this shot of jumbled of yarn.
It was a surprise project for someone who sometimes reads this blog, hence the secrecy.

I had decided forever ago to
make a shawl/wrap for R. Scanning dozens, maybe even a hundred, patterns I knew immediately when I found the Storm Water Shawl motif I knew it was the one.

Next started the hunt for the right yarn. I knew exactly the sort of colour I wanted - something that looked like the water, where we walked our dogs. Finally I thought I had found the yarn, then I had the funds so I purchased it last December. When it arrived it was nothing like the photo, which happens what looking at hand dyed yarn. I was beside myself but through the lovely synchronicity of the planet someone on my knit list mentioned this independent dyer, Deb of Fearless Fibers. Hitting the right keys I found her etsy shop and laid my eyes on the perfect yarn. I was able to return the other yarn in the meanwhile which was a great bonus as I couldn't think of anything to do with it - totally the wrong colours.

This project was a lovely piece to work on, it was the first thing I have made that I love so much I wanted to keep - a sure bet that it was perfect. Unfortunately the news of impending move to Ohio froze me in many ways and one was that I barely knit. However I was determined to finish so that I could gift this piece before leaving the area. It wasn't a race to the finish exactly but it certainly lit a fire under me to have a deadline.

It was with this piece that I also got a serious taste of the magic of blocking. The piece was lovely unblocked but afterwards it had this fabulous drape (which I did not photograph dammit!). My guessimate is that I used about 875 yards of fingering weight yarn. It is probably the largest project, yardage wise, thus far. After blocking it bloomed into about 19" wide by 63" long, which is just about on the money for those who suggest that a shawl be a long as the person is tall.

In many ways this is my favorite project so far because the pattern, the yarn and the person all matched my vision perfectly. The yarn was a continual visual and tactile delight. The pattern easy to memorize but still formed an interesting treat to watch.


Kate said...

What an amazing shawl - it is just beautiful. If there are follow up pictures, it would be lovely to see how it drapes. :)

Jbeeky said...

That is true artistry. Honestly. You should think of making those and selling them. I would buy one in a heart beat. Absolute beauty.