Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A little closer towards settled

Our new to us refrigerator and stove were delivered today and they look fabulous! Once again I have a bottom freezer which I love love love! It's a little bigger than what we had but doesn't overwhelm the room at all and the seals work! The stove is no longer avocado green. (I do have pictures but I'm feeling lazy.)

The new stuff inspired a little rearranging after TGF went to work. Finally the moving blanket came off the vintage coke machine and I turned it the right way. The table is now faced the other way and makes it look more inviting.

Then I worked on the front porch, finally moving the two extra chairs, the box of garden tiles and the pitch fork away and into the basement. I dug out our wind chimes collection, cleaned each and every chime rod (do those have an actual name?) and hung them. Cleaned the glass topped table and swept. It made things look so homey and welcoming. Before TGF came home I lit the candle on the table. I like to do that every few nights as it seems like nice visual (and she likes the scent, magnolia, southern babe that she is) to greet her at night.

I also went through all the picture/mirror boxes to find the mirror and the glass tops for two of my bedroom pieces. In the process I labeled all the boxes so when we are ready to hang things we know where to find them. There is no medicine chest in the bathroom and TGF hates having to go downstairs to do her 'do, so I hung the beveled mirror above my dressing table so we can have something for such purposes. Tomorrow come hell or high water I am unpacking my jewelry and my make up! Another good task to do would be to experiment with the one rod I have to start turning the attic space into a real closet and have access to more clothes.

Slowly but surely it's getting good in here. Paint would help a LOT in every room but that will have to wait a bit longer. One needs cash for such thing dontcha know. There is a tight budget going on in this place. I do think it will be a bit longer before we have a big shindig here. Oh well. In due time, in due time.

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