Sunday, November 11, 2007

It was a total blast!

As I mentioned sometime in the last week or so, we had been invited to a party in the neighborhood. Between the information of "the ladies" get together for dinner about once a month and the instantaneous way we seemed to be taken under the wing of the neighborhood, I confess to having a flash of fear that we had actually landed in a version of "The Stepford Wives" and we should steer clear of imbibing or ingesting anything being served at this shindig.

Pondering what to wear I realized that I still had not been able to unpack any of my clothes that hang since I hadn't drilled started holes to hang a few thick dowels in the attic closet. Very limited fashion choices faced me. Not only that but it's not like I could "put my face on" as I haven't unearthed my make up or jewelry. We also won't talk about how long it's been since I had my brows done (about three months) or a real haircut (a year). {Okay so I did just talk about it. Sue me!} So I had to shoot for pulled together casual but fashionable look. I'm not sure I pulled it off but I tried and that has to count for something.

Wandering around the house as we each hunted down things we needed to go before leaving, or find, I realized I had no idea of whether this was an on-time sort of group or what. TGF did NOT want to be the first, or even terribly close to first to arrive. We compromised by arriving about 6:15 for a 6pm start time. Things were in full swing! Lisa acted as mistress of ceremonies and herded us about insisting that one of the rules of such gatherings was that one had to have a drink in hand within five minutes of arriving. She also introduced us around, more than once, singly, as a couple, to a single person and groups.

Brett and Josh have an absolutely gorgeous home that has the distinct feel of gay male owned home - fashionable, interesting details, and meticulously staged for the party (though I suspect it looks a lot like that all the time. Damn them!). They also were lovely hosts, telling funny stories, mingling appropriately, making sure glasses were filled with various intoxicating substances.

It was great great fun. We were pointedly introduced to the other lesbian couple (we suspect a few women there were also dykes but who knows for sure), Julie and Chris who we great. We found ourselves drifting into conversation with them a few times. They are both research psychologists and though I have steered clear of such things I am grateful that I was able to name drop, as it were, SPSS. If I ever need to work with SPSS they apparently are the Queens of Statistics. Julie shared that she was so grateful not to be the only lesbian couple at these things anymore. I completely understand what she means as I have been in that role more times than I can count. Through them we found out that in our neighborhood live Kim Deal, and her sister Kelley lives in Oakwood. I mean really is that lesbian rocker street creed or what? Dayyum!

(Okay total aside, as I was looking up sources to link with Kim's name I found this:
Tweak: So, Dayton — the Midwest's answer to Seattle? Did I not just say basically the same thing the other day??? Is that a riot or what?)

Anyway, we exchanged contact information with them and hope to get together with them soon. It also turns out that Brett and Josh used to own Therapy Cafe until just a couple of months ago - I was just there on Wednesday with DaintyKitty. Just amazing. Brett owns a hair salon which TGF swears she is calling on Monday to book us for a whole bunch of pampering. Suits me just fine because seriously, it's getting embarrassing to go out in public. Also Brett and Josh are involved with the Rubi Girls which led TGF to mutter how she must know them from her last incarnation as a Dayton resident.

It was absolutely a great time and there were a bunch of other gatherings mentioned that we were invited to attend. Clearly we have the makings of a social life here.


Emily said...

My second or third cousin went to school and Kim Deal (how's that for removed?) - I had no idea she was living here again!

And I finally added you to my reader - yaay!

Wyatt's Mom said...

I haven't made the appt. yet, but I will very soon, promise!