Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Steps towards home

Sunday the 14th TGF left to go to Marion Indiana for her corporate training and she wasn't to return until sometime Wednesday - which was moving day. In the meantime there was a lot take care of in the meantime. Monday I began packing up the motel room and loading up the car.

Late morning Wyatt and I got in the car to go to the new place so I could rip up the carpeting. I first needed to get some tools, like a utility knife which would make things go so much faster. The weather was warm and I took frequent breaks to cool down, to walk Wyatt, or watch a little television. In the bedroom I was disappointed not to find a wood floor but tiles. Peeking in the second bedroom (our office) there was only carpeting. I found a little corner and began digging around at the tile and did indeed find wood under that. Gleeful I cleaned up a bit and dashed up the block to the tent on the Greenway for Rehabarama fairly confident I would find our landlady. I was hopeful that she would let me dig away but I wanted to just make sure, be the responsible tenant and all that. As predicted she was staffing the table so I was able to chat with her. She said she would send her husband over to check on it but it would probably be fine. I practically skipped back to the house. Wood floors! An accessible neighborhood!

For evening plans I had several choices before me which was so surprising I could barely believe I had just moved here.
1. Continue working on the house
2. Go down to Centerville to hand with Jeriann and Cody
3. Go to a North Dayton Stitch n Bitch and see potentially see other locals knitters (this was back near the motel)
4. Go to the Dayton Knitting Guild meeting that happens practically around the corner from the house.
I opted to go to the Guild meeting dusty and sweaty, without a knitting project to be had. It was fun and I chatted with a young woman I had "met" on Ravelry. Too much fun all in all.

Tuesday I was a woman on a mission - rip as much of the tile and substrate off the bedroom floor as possible. Basically I worked my butt off. Luckily Jer and Cody picked me up some dinner and helped me haul all the debris out of the bedroom so that furniture could be put in there the next day. I did not get all of the crappage off, in fact I still need to finish it. I found another surprise underneath the tile and hardboard - a linoleum room of sorts in a rose pattern. I do have photos of this, I really do but I still cannot find the cable that connects the camera to the computer. Sigh.

Wednesday was moving day and it started earlier than I had expected which was great. Bonus TGF got to leave her training a bit earlier so she was able to help direct traffic with the movers while I shifted things behind and ahead of them.

Finally after a month of numerous motel beds of greatly varied quality we slept on our mattress, surrounded by our beasts. We had found a home and it was trashed but I was blissfully happy to have landed somewhere, somewhere that was shaping (and has only been continuously so) to be fabulous.


Jbeeky said...

I am thrilled that this leap of faith has paid you in spades! I think that is wonderful for you guys!

dykewife said...

three cheers for being settled!