Monday, November 12, 2007

It's not a suggestion

Today I finally was able to prime the bathroom. Before we were here a week the kitchen ceiling leaked and while the guys were here they also checked out the bathroom. I wish I had taken a photo of the tile that surrounded the bath. It's not that they were so hideous but they were old, ugly, blah colours. Oh yeah, there was also the strip of tiles being held in place with duct tape. No I am not exaggerating, I am speaking literally.

We have a lovely surround now with built in shelf space on both sides of the window, rendering the shower caddy, I had just bought days before, obsolete. A small price to pay for a much improved looking bathroom. The guys left me to do the sanding and so forth. What with one thing or another (lack of motivation, needing supplies, waiting on AT&T for frigging ever when I needed to get said supplies) the only thing I had accomplished with sanding and cleaning the bathroom, which mostly included scrubbing the tub within an inch of it's life. Seriously I did three separate "let the cleanser soak and then scrub the bejesus out of it" sessions.

Today after getting the furnace inspected and taking Wyatt for a bathroom break I was finally able to break out the primer and brush. I was using Kilz because for some reason I was convinced it needed a superduper primer or perhaps because I forgot there was basic primer crap that would have done just fine. Yeah it was one of those.

As I toiled through the cutting in, the fumes where less than delightful and while opening the window was a great idea it was rather ineffective in that I couldn't budge the storm window. Close to finishing with the brush TGF called and I realized the fumes were strong. By the time I was close to finished with the rollering of the ceiling and walls I was breaking out in a sweat, felt lightheaded, and just frankly rather odd. Even for me. Thankfully, or perhaps not, I finished the painting before I passed out, throw up, or something else.

It took over two hours to feel not shaky, nauseous, and lose the feeling of but not actual ringing in my ears. I know it's weird but it had the visual feeling of ringing but they weren't.

As TGF said, "It's a warning, not a suggestion", regarding the label about using this crap in a ventilated space. I have not been back in that room since I finished. I figure six or better hours away from the second floor will help along with opening the bedroom window which I did before descending to curl up on the odd little chair in the living room when all I wanted was to sleep.

Tomorrow plain old paint. Or a different project all together.

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