Wednesday, January 11, 2006

That Sinking Feeling continues

Still feeling out of sorts. Chicken for the cats is on the stove, making the windows fog up, filling the house with a warm, cozy aroma but still my eyes feel sticky, like physical emotions are blocking them up. The coffee this morning was toasty and full, tried dried cherries and walnuts in the oatmeal, tasty but I'm still not full. I suspect that it's not just a stomach hunger. The gray, damp day isn't helping either.

Next Thursday starts the Residential Conference for school and as usual I am nowhere near ready. I wonder what it would be like to complete just one course in a semester. I have taken lots of courses, finished, um, none? I owe papers that would keep a writer as prolific as Stephen King up for months.

I set goals, every day, for all sorts of things, accomplish few. Okay, the laundry is fantastic. Hot spots are pretty decent. One can eat at the dining room table. Kitchen is tidy. Lindsay's legwarmer (for his bad leg) is coming along. Haven't photographed my finished objects for 2005, maybe today, but there is no sun. Thinking after yesterday's phone call with Sunny I will cast on for the hat she doesn't want today.

The Girl Friend offered up that perhaps I really do need to cry. I bit her head off and she retreated, not to be really heard from again since. Can't imagine why.

Finishing the last of my cold second cup of coffee, looking at the clock, knowing that in about an hour GF will ask if I want to go to the dog park, and as usual I will be torn. O1H - I get out of the house, walk for about an hour, possibly see our friends Ruth and Piccolo. OtheotherH - stay home, get some alone time, and in theory study. Sigh. The daily dilemma.

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Jennie said...

Option 3: rent a really sad movie and get that crying done.

Love you, sweetie.