Sunday, January 08, 2006

He Broke the Law, and the Law Won

Yep, it's true, Wyatt, aka Shawshank, aka Wyatt Earp got busted yesterday. He is the original escape artist. The Girl Friend, Jennie & Graham and I left to got breakfast, because well one needs to fortify themselves before a major yarn shop. A lovely breakfast was served to us at FatApples, as we wrapped that up, GF excused herself to head home, because well, she doesn't really get the yarn thing.

Jennie and I are fondling yarn, gasping at prices, complaining about the lack of knitted swatches - in other words enjoying ourselves immensely, when suddenly one of the shop girls walks over to us and ask if there is a Dharma in the house, you have a phone call, a bit of an emergency apparently she says. Jennie and I exchange somewhat horrified looks of great concern. I dash to the phone, and the GF says, Wyatt has been impounded.

Apparently he escaped, wandered, not to his usual spot at the Cafe where he is petted, offered mochas (like this dog needs caffeine!!!) and bits of biscotti, no, to the other corner. The animal jail closes at 4pm and it will cost about $50 to free him. Jeez. My headache comes back but Jennie and I agree that really it could have been something much worse.

So there I am dreaming over yarn with "My dog is in the hoosegow"* running through my brain. Crazy I tell you. The dog is going to drive me to drink. I mean it folks. It appears that he escaped from under the house, an access panel was not in place so he must have used that for the break to freedom. He hates being alone, like The GF says, he must have been a Shiner in a previous life, loves to run up and greet people. But really, we weren't gone long before he was rounded up, the ticket on the door said something like 12:30pm. Jennie didn't get here until about 11, then we unloaded the mobile basketball hoop that The GF picked up off of Freecycle (which delighted Jennie no end as she was considering it for their house), chatted in the house a bit and then left. Seriously we couldn't have been gone more than 45 minutes before he was picked up! He obviously didn't get any of the "I vant to be alone" genes that we both have running through our veins.

Wyatt the juvenile delinquent. I asked him last night, "Is it because your mothers are lesbians?" He had no response other than to give me a kiss, The Girl Friend was laughing so hard she started sprouting tears.

*I had no idea where this word came from. Stunned I tell ya! So cool.

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