Sunday, January 15, 2006

Knitting Content - FOs of 2005

As promised I am finally documenting the knitting accomplished in 2005. I didn't pick up the needles until, um, October sometime.

First up was Sunny's beret. I used Brown's Sheep Superwash in Japanese Plum. I bought this yarn two years previous, when I took up knitting with the intent of making her a beret back then. Never happened. (Have you seen my profile? Does the word procrasinator ring a bell. Well here it is, Sunny modeling the hat (that's Lindsay, her husband).

At the same time I worked on a headband/ear warmer for
The Girl Friend.

I took this yarn and added

Which resulted in a
beautiful mix that sets of The Girl Friend's stunning blue eyes quite well.
This was worked in a seed stitch and just arbitrarily created. I guessed at everything, width, length, yarn. I think it came out quite nicely. GF really likes it.

Through out all of this I worked on the oft-mentioned "baby sweater from hell". Well h
ere it is, on the teddy bear it will live on. This is a top down sweater meaning it was made in one piece, the only sewn seams are the ones forming the sleeve shape. The stitch is the "gull pattern". I found this pattern in a very old issue (Fall 1990) of Vogue Knitting, titled "The Best Baby Sweater" by Elizabeth Zimmerman and Meg Swansen.

It's hard to see but I am very proud of my switching yarn where the sleeve started to separate out from the body - I didn't screw up the pattern at ALL here. Major for me. However this is what it supposed to look like. Maybe if I had blocked it...

In the midst of finishing the beret, and working on the sweater, and while I was hanging with Sunny after her surgery I busted out my first pair of booties. I was, and kinda still am, inordinately proud of them. The stitches are very even.

The final finished object are ankle warmers (modeled by The Girl Friend, because her feet are much prettier than mine) which Sunny requested. The are made from the same yarn as the beret and again, no pattern. I just did some 2x2 ribbing, stockinette, 2x2 ribbing. The photo is showing up much darker then on the camera, sorry about that.

It should be noted that I tried to make the baby sweater from hell in different yarn - twice before starting over with this yarn (hellish acrylic, the blue practically ripped the skin off my finger while working it, the black was better). Sunny's beret was made first using a different pattern and was so small it would have fit Wyatt, so I frogged in and did it in the pattern linked above. So a fair amount of knitting in a short time I think. Very minor compared to many of the knitters out there but given my imaginary school work committments, 1 puppy, 5 felines, The Girl Friend, applying to jobs, and many hours of fluffing off, rather productive.

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Jennie said...

You're right--she totally has cute feet! This, I did not know.