Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I got up for this?

I need a shower. And I mean right now. There is an oil spill masquerading as my hair, I went to the dog park yesterday followed by an excursion to Cost*o which entailed pushing a cart containing 50 pounds of cat litter up and down the food aisles making careful decisions about our food choices (trying for healthy, compromising with things like a HUGE bag of Ruffl*s for The Girl Friend), making huge financial decision, like is $2.00 a pound really a good price for Quak*r Oats and do we need SO frigging much of it.

These items were besides the essentials we came in for, which were:
* chicken thighs, so we can make our own cat food (yes we really do that)
* pigs ears, Cost*o has the best price and we spoil Wyatt in this way
* cigarettes, Cost*o has the best price and we spoil The Girl Friend in this way
* coffee, organic, shade grown 3lb of manna from heaven for less than $12.00!!!

In an uncharactistic fashion, because it's a tad chilly in the homestead this am, I gather up the clothes that are going to pass as dressed a la Fly Lady this morning, prance happily into the chilly bathroom and turn the faucets. Because I am smart, I stick my hand in to test the temperature, a trick I learned somewhere and deemed a good idea - ACK freezing cold water.

Yeah, yeah, I am from hippie stock (hence my name, Dharma) but it has been at least one spin of that karmic wheel since I took cold showers between yoga postures and meditation. They were short and didn't involve hair washing! Yes, I could take a freezing cold shower and get something resembling clean hair, but, but.... Okay a clue here - The Girl Friend nicknamed my desktop computer "Princess".

We cleverly deduce that the pilot light must be out since we have heat and electricity. A phone call to PG&Hell reveals that they will not be able to come out until tomorrow to relight, and it's a frigging all day appointment - 8am - 8pm! God Lord. The Girl Friend bravely goes to investigate the situation and discovers that the cement padded cell that contains our hot water heater and furnance in this niche below ground level (one can crawl under the house easily) has standing water of about 2-3 inches. Viola - explanation found for no hot water. Sump pump anyone?
Right at this moment she is searching for deals on wet/dry vacs online. I remark blithely that she wanted one of those anyway. Sigh.

Here I sit, half dressed in the clothes for the day, with hair that has Chevron begging.

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Jennie said...

Shampooing hair in cold, cold water = bad headache. Do not do this.

And no, $2/# for Quak*r Oats is not a good price. The Food Mill (check Country Cheese on San Pablo) has them for $.79/#.