Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another Loss

(I wrote this already but it disappeared into the ether of the net - damn damn damn)

The month has barely ended and the losses are staggering. Alito has been confirmed, yes expected, but so horrible. This morning while visiting one of my sources of information, inspiration and humor, Pandagon, I found that Coretta Scott King has passed away. This loss is so huge, so hard. I am not capable of being as eloquent as the occasion demands so I am linking this entry. It is not an act of flattery so much as knowing the limits of my writing. With her and Wendy Wasserstein gone the areas of loss are huge. As well, back in December we lost Gene McCarthy, again a link because I truly don't know enough of this man to write a decent statement about what it means to have this example gone from our world.

Winter is a time to reflect, to take stock and refuel for the growth of spring. I am trying to be hopeful that many will find this season a time to renew, to refocus what it means to be in this world and how we all want to act. I hope all of us emerge from the winter cocoon ready to live life out loud.

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louisiana swamp rat said...

It truly is a great loss...I've seen Mrs. King speak, met her once, truly a wonderful human being...and her family's legacy will die with her.

I am using this winter to get my little piece of the world right, a daunting task, but one I have to complete to move on in life and get my family focused and moving forward. Procrastination, get thee behind me!