Thursday, January 05, 2006

Love Under Pressure

In a shocking coincidence, both of us had our "big" channukah gifts delayed. The Girl Friend's gift hadn't arrived via the us post service by the last night, and apparently my gift was back ordered.

Well yesterday as we left the house to shower at Jennie's, a small but eagerly awaited box was on the porch. I snatched it up, hoping GF hadn't noticed. As we drove off I pondered when to present it to her. Jennie's shower was wonderfully warm. Then, off to the dog park, where we finally saw the reappearance of Piccolo, Wyatt's best friend. Yes, our dog has a best friend. Poor Piccolo had had a wretched ear infection which kept her away from the park for almost 2 weeks. Wyatt and Piccolo were SO happy to see each other. They played hard while we caught up with her human, Ruth who makes her living as a bartender, does sculpture, and in the past before, as she says the eyes went, did absolutely breathtaking embordiary work (saw my third example of these mandala-like pieces she puts on jean jackets).

After doing our best to wear out the Energizer Bunny, otherwise known as Wyatt, we went to Se*rs to purchase a wet/dry vac which was on a great sale. As we were making our way to the appropriate section, The Girl Friend stops and is studying carefully shelves which are in the kitchen department - a totally unexpected place for her to pause. I ask what she is looking at, as I can't be sure and I am still trying to reconcile the fact she is in this section and there is no Fiestaware in sight (she has a vintage collection from her grandmother - another bonus to hooking up with her). Then she tells me that this pressure cooker was on back order and that's why she didn't have a gift the last night. I almost started to cry, right there in the Richmond Hilltop Mall Sear*.

"Well you said you missed having one." I can't believe she remembered that, heard it, took note - any of it. How sweet is she? Apparently she had been corresponding with Jennie about which one to get me because of course she doesn't know anything about these things. So as of yesterday I am the proud owner of a 6 quart Presto Pressure cooker.

When we got home, I presented her with her box. It hit three things she loves, watches, Tigger, and purple.

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Anonymous said...

The Tigger watch was such a hit not only with me, but with the puppyman. He decided to leap up, grab it off the top off the dresser and place it on the bed. I guess he wanted me to wear it, since there wasn't a scratch on it.

The Girlfriend