Friday, January 27, 2006

The sweetness of friends

Some time ago I wrote about some friends, IRL and online, who had offered to make things for my mother. My online friend, Kim, was perhaps the first one. While at my conference, I receive the package from her. The gifts and notes brought tear to our eyes. I can't wait to send this on to my mother. But first, I had to take pictures!

This was the first set she make which are totally Sunny's colors, but she was concerned the yarn wasn't soft enough.

Seeing the yarn in person, she may be right, but I suspect it will get worn quite a bit nonetheless as the brightness will cheer Sunny so much.
It was amazing to see someone nail the colors so well.

The next scarf and hat combo had another admirer.

Elliot woke from his little light sleep below and had to investigate item!

Elliott couldn't help to reach out and touch this stuff. It is SO soft. He firmly approves.

Kim sweetly included a few other things.
ree bracelets that she made. The O-rings for the rainbow bracelet is of NASA quality so as to appeal to the geek that is The Girl Friend

The two matching bracelets are for my mother and me. I know this gesture deeply touched me, and I am sure it will do the same for Sunny.


Kim said...

THIS is the reason why I make things like this. The process is fun, and when you can give to people you love and touch them with a small gesture, it brings such a warm feeling! Know that they are infused with HUGE amounts of healing energy and love.

Ancrene Wiseass said...

How lovely!