Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Life is getting busy, blog will suffer

I am so sorry dear readers, but entries may get awfully sparse for a bit. Tomorrow I get driven by The Girl Friend to the Marriot in San Mateo to attend my grad school intensive piece. 9AM my classes start. They keep us so fricking busy, here's the schedule. Anywhere it say MFT, that me. After all the committments then there's the hanging out with friend who you only get to see twice a year, it all equals very little sleep and precious few moments for blogging.

The upside is that I am staying in a deluxe type space for a great rate, yeah right, for the first 3 nights, the other 2 nights - totally off the charts! I am trying to finagle something else. Given that I will be in the room for almost no hours while awake it's silly but it's all they had left by the time I did something about reserving a room. The cool thing is the dance, I love it. It's so fun to see people letting go. I usually get some dancing time in which is always a good thing.

Today I had a training for my new job, I am now a certified Therapeutic Behavioral Services counselor/coach/whatever. Woo hoo. I will probably have to squeeze in a PART training next Wednesday and Friday, with luck squeeze in an observation on Thursday, and attend the weekly Thursday meeting 4:30 - 6:00pm.

Oh yeah, in the next day or so I need to compose an advertising email to send out for the next newsletter for BirthWays.

Anyway, I hope you can stand the empty space that will probably become my blog for the next week.

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