Monday, January 30, 2006

New Blog Fav - or I have hopes it will be

I found a new blog that I have marked off as one to go back to if for nothing else, today's entry. When I read her "about me" section, I was sure she was someone I needed to check in with from time to time. Besides, did you see her cats? While some of my dear readers nod out during my knitting content, I am sure I will be skimming madly over her tennis entries.

Before I forget, I found dear DED via another blogger I enjoy greatly, arse poetica, who's entry on the thumb reader give me my morning chuckle today. It is rare that I can trace my steps when finding someone new to read. I have no recollection at all of how I found Ancrene or a.p., nor a bunch of others - fun ride that the web is it's hard to know how one moved from point 1 to point 273.

I have been amusing myself wiht blogs today as I am still frigging sick. This is truly the sickiest I can remember being for a few years. I am not a graceful sick person. Just ask The Girl Friend, who I imagine is ready to duct tape my mouth so I cannot yet again say "Did I mention I hate being sick" one more time. I figure life gave me to her to help her work on patience. She is better than I am, as her time with "the cold from hell" started before mine but she is still very, very tired. Last night I made a gourmet meal for us - Campb*ll's Tomato Soup and grilled cheese sandwichs using Kr*ft Amer*ican cheese (which we all know isn't actually cheese) and squishy white bread. The ultimate in comfort food. Very satisfying. Only could have been better with some chocolate pudding for dessert.

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