Saturday, January 14, 2006

Okay already!

Do you know who bothers me the most about updating my blog? Go ahead guess who out of my loyal readers, all 5 of you.

Give up yet.

The Girl Friend. Seriously. She Who Lives With Dharma, wants to hear more of Dharma. So is that love or is her brain still scrambled from the car accident almost two years ago? Says she learns new things about me, which, when you think about it is really sweet. Right? Tell me it's sweet and not stalker-ish.

Well the package from Sunny arrived.

Yep, her humor is still intact.

I expected a lock of hair, you know, like she mentioned, just a bit for a locket. What did I get?

It's enough for three Barb*e dolls and not enough to make a bootie. What the hell I'm I supposed to do with that?

I will confess that a blaze of shock and fear ran through me when I opened the package and saw that amount of hair. Yes, she told me it was coming out. Yes, I knew other folks lost their hair in clumps. Yes, I realize this is a side effect of chemo. But, but, this is my mother's hair, quite a bit of it, in a plastic bag on my table. OMG. You know? I mean, wow. She is bald. My mother, bald.

So if you have any ideas of what I can do with some very dark, almost black hair with quite a bit of gray, let me know. Deal?


Anonymous said...

In my defense, she is so much better when she writes. We have very good days when she has gotten things off her lovely chest. So I push her to write. So I ask the other four of you, wouldn't you if you were me?

the I mean girlfriend

louisiana swamp rat said...

Yes, absolutely...besides, it is helping me get to know her better too. Keep writing Dharma, and just ignore that stalker in the corner.

Ancrene Wiseass said...

I think it's more sweet than stalker. And I think GF's got a point. At least, I know I'm easier to live with when I've blogged recently. Which reminds me that I ought to get around to updating mine . . . .