Thursday, November 30, 2006

In which our heroine rocked the house

The House o' Sperm that is. Today was the second interview, the in person one. It felt great to do a good interview. The director is really personable and god this sounds so lame but I could see hanging out with her as a friend. Really good energy. The lead health worker seemed nice but it wasn't one of those zing connections, ya know? In the meanwhile I need to give serious thought as to what to do if offered the position. Given Tuesday's episode I am not sure if this case will last, or if I will stick with it, which would leave me with no income.

This other potential job would be nice because it would be regular income because, and here's one of the problems, it is a set schedule. I have not had a regular, set job thing in 10 years. TEN YEARS. Then there is that little matter of needing days off in January and June, which I told them about but I haven't begun to address that little adventure every summer that takes me the east coast for 3 weeks. Yeaaah. That would go over like a lead balloon. Oh, and they want a TWO YEAR commitment. For a 3 days/24 hours a week job. Not that they could hold me to it but D-A-M-N.

I am considering, if offered, not accepting it. I am considering calculating my hours for practicum and if my graduation hours are fulfilled quitting. What about money you say? Good question. There is the option of resurrecting my doula business. Irregular and undependable hours but when the work is there the money can be quite good. If I don't want to work for a period of time, say late August, it is totally my call. Of course I have barely worked doing that in about two years so it could be tricky getting clients. There is the advantage of being able to advertise for free in the BirthWays newsletter but I need to make a decision really soon as we, okay I, am trying to get everything together for the January issues ASAP. Any votes? Any good cash generating ideas? Let me hear 'em cause I need something and something soon.


Anonymous said...

good interviews, they can really leave you with a high. congrats!

as to what to do, wow that's a tough decision you have to make. maybe chart it out, pros and cons of your options? that 2 year commitment request is ridiculous though, esp for a part time job AND with the cost of living around here.

Wyatt's Mom said...

I'm with Heather. You could always take it and leave before Aug. Yeah it sucks to do that, but it's a dog eat dog world out there babe.

Wyatt's Mom said...

whoops, P.S. a schedule might be good for you. Me too if anyone would ever hire me.

wen said...

i have a set schedule now, too. i have for the last year and a half, after pretty much never having one, ever.

i thought it would be horrible but it's not bad once you get used to it. that said, i work at 7 am which can be challenging...

if you are working 3 days a week, you can still make time to write your dissertation or enjoy some chunks of unscheduled bliss.

plus, if you hate the job, you can leave. sounds crappy, but consider this:

you wouldn't take a job you KNEW you would dislike, or that would be a bad fit for. yet people do, unknowingly. and then, well, they leave. people quit all the time, for a variety of reasons, many of which they didn't anticipate being an issue at the time they accepted the position--spouse moving, going back to school, new boss who sucks, etc.

the hosue o' sperm obviously wants you because you'll add value to their organization. (by and large, people don't give out jobs as "favors" to unqualified people who won't forward the organization's goals). so, go, provide that value and that service, and if it gets to a point where it doesn't seem like a good idea to continue, you can figure out what to do then!

perhaps draw up a tentative schedule including the 24-hour (a week, not a day!) job as well as the other things you MUST get done. if it fits and allows you to have time to sleep, then take the job unless your gut is screaming not to.

the money will come in handy and you may very well enjoy the work!

that's my assvice on this friday!

good luck, regardless of what you choose!