Sunday, November 05, 2006

Worth copying or is it just hideous

That was essentially my thought when I found it. I was surfing to celebrate the completion of a paper due two years ago, almost to the day. Seriously. I do not jest when I say I am trying (though I doubt I will succeed) to do two years of coursework in one. Sending that email means I have submitted 2 of 3 papers needed to complete a course. Woo hoo and all that. Actually I had a hard time giving myself props because of the overwhelming sense of doom that grows each day that I will have to add the fall 2007 to my debt load to finish my degree.

How did I find my way to this object? Damn it was hours ago and I was having all this hell with Blogger so TGF took over my laptop to fix it. Which of course she did. Yeah!!! Okay, hang on this will take a moment because I really want t
o give props to the right place....

I think I started over at SavannahChik Knits I (who if I were obsessive I would more effectively stalk to become a knitter like her) and clicked a link or two, then clicked a link off of one those links. Anyway I found myself here. Personally I like places like Indie Fixx, Stylehive, and some of those Etsy shops. Anyway I co
uld not help but to click to see this when I saw on Indie. I just couldn't!

It's a bit like a train wreck, or the type of chaotic beauty only nature should be able to produce. Even clicking on the close up, I can't tell if this thing is knit or woven or concocted in a witch's cauldron. It comes in an ungodly number of colour combinations and costs a fortune. At last for my checkbook, maybe not yours. Of course as a knitting designer wannabe, I'm wondering if this is reproducible, though it's not like I think I could figure it out. Even if it could be - why would anyone try, a part of me asks? Beaugly? (My version of fugly. Beautiful Ugly. Yeah, not good so I won't proceed with trademarking.) I am not sure this helps but I just realized, while looking over the site again that the flower pin is sold separately. Does the pin enhance or distract? Discuss, concense and report back.

While doing the research for this post, I of course had to scan some of the other pages of these sites. On Stylehive I found Midori and had two immediate thought which probably say a lot about me, what I will leave up to your interpretations.
1 - I thought of this Midori, which I associate with my mid to late teen years somehow
and perhaps even more I thought of
2 - Fetish Diva Mistress Midori, who I have taken a workshop with and was throughly charmed by.

As I said, I leave the interpretations to my readers. I know if it were I reading this post of someone stating the above, I would seriously consider...



Supee said...
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Supee said...

re: Kelp
Lose the link, Hon. Just lose it. (smile)

Rabbitch said...

Hm. I actually like it. But not $140usd worth. Plus $45 for the pin.

Marianne said...

I have to say I find it intrigueing, not for the money, and ditch the pin, but I do like the organic lines. I'd use different colours.

Anonymous said...

Uhhmm, Dharma, honey?

Hideous is almost too nice, IMHO.

Ancrene Wiseass said...

I find the kelp scarf oddly appealing, but yeah, waaay too pricey. Also, it reminds me a little of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthullu Mythos stories ( That doesn't necessarily bother me, but then, I'm the kind of weirdo who's read Lovecraft.