Sunday, November 12, 2006

Please note NaBloPoMo Judges (now with edits)

I did not miss a day, nor did I post twice on Friday. Damn this blogger. I wrote a draft, the bones as it were of Love Quotes in Friday but really filled it out, and published on Saturday.

Damn, Damn and Double Damn.

No more drafting in blogger. Clearly. Even though it's simpler.


Just for that, this will count as Sunday's post.

Unless I get inspired later.

So there. Nanner nanner boo boo.

* Thanks to my loverly, ever so loverly pal, Rabbitch, the post is now dated corrected!.


Rabbitch said...

Just change the date and time of the post. Look at the bottom of the window in which you compose your post. There's an arrow, and beside it, it says "post and comment options". Click on that and it will expand to allow you to change the date and time of your post.

Anonymous said...

The other day Beta Blogger wouldn't accept my post if I changed the time on it. Grrr...

Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment on my site.

Jbeeky said...

We all owe Rabbitch a slurpie. Thanks for the cool comments Dharma, you made my day and next day!