Saturday, November 11, 2006

Love Quotes

It is true that I go on little binges of doing quizzes, as any long time reader (long being highly relative) knows. I am both a pusher of these products (according to such stellar readers as Wen, Heather, and Jennie) and a buyer looking to my pals for the next fix. The truth is I take way more of these things than I have printed here because they like playing computer tetris, they are a stress reliever, a time waster, and just stupid fun, however they do not really make for great reading most of the time.

The answer for many of these quizzes are, like the endlessly fun Magic 8-Ball of my youth, more random than meaningful but every once awhile there is something more personal in the answer. Not in the answer is meant just for you kind of personal, but that it
triggers something deeper than a blogthing, tickle, or quizilla should have any right to but when it does, it borders on mystical -something no one could really call the internet, not if they were sane.

The quote that the magic of blogthings gave me was:

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

This is witty little saying but rather appropriate because for me not because it is a sentiment I carry in my heart but because it references an ongoing joke TGF and I had while we were long distance. In our case it was more about using kisses to shut the other one up because we were rambling on about something that bored the hell out of the other one. Likely candidates to bore her: knitting, people she didn't know, recipes, and did I mention knitting? Topics that would hold me for a bit but cause a drifting of attention: virus codes, computer innards, people I didn't know - have I mentioned she is Geek Extraordinaire? Not as romantic an image as my blogthings quote, I grant you, but very us. It is one of those inside jokes that help form the foundation of a relationship, one of those private witticisms that one can use to break a stormy patch, which I think make them way more useful than anything an internet quiz can give you. Sure you may generate an inspiring quote from this quiz or others like it and put it over your desk or bathroom mirror, but odds are against something random like that becoming that restful shore that you both find comfort in against the sometimes roiling seas of love.


Wyatt's Mom said...

This is true. I will take the credit though of saying it first. And right at the moment all I could think of was kissing you into silence.

[sidenote] This is good people, not that I was bored or anything, I just couldn't concentrate on what she was saying imaging those lips

goblinbox said...

I hate quizzes! I prefer stressful essay questions given in a large room with really bad lighting and no windows by an hirsuite, stinky professor or a topic I am totally disinterested in. Like, say, high school personal finance! Yay! *retch*

heather said...

true, i am a quizaholic from way back. thanks for encouraging my disability.

and, nice quote/story! i love it.