Friday, November 24, 2006

Gift to be thankful for

The gifts that are especially wonderful are the ones you least expect. Not that other gifts aren't especially wonderful, they are but in a different way.

Can you guess what this is? No I don't really expect you to but go ahead, try to guess.

Com'on! Nothing?

It's okay. As my loyal readers know we went to Sue & Sarah's yesterday for a great family thanksgiving. I am not sure who mentioned it first, perhaps Sue. But they offered me this!

It needs some repair as the cording for the wheel is really old twine and needs to be re-strung or something. Apparently there are two speeds.

And this piece needs to be nailed, glued or otherwise reattached.

It seems that it helps to guide the, er, roving? along the spindle so the yarn does not wind up in a lump on one end. That Sarah's father made it from a kit or something makes just a bit more special on top of the already specialness.

I told Sarah that yes indeed I would like it but TGF might have to kill her. I'm only partly kidding! The universe works in mysterious and wondrous ways. In the previous day or two I had been reading Juno's blog about her adventures with spinning and how her ability has developed and grown. I was marveling about this magic I knew nothing about and barely, imperceptively wondered if I could ever learn this thing. Now realize I had exclaimed some time ago that "oh no, I don't want to learn that stuff. Way too much work and fuss. More obsessiveness would only follow." Hah! The stars are throwing their two cents in.

The truth is I believe the wheel will have to sit for a bit while I work and slave at school and my job for the next few months and all fibery goodness will be limited to the yarn I have in possession (okay so I may buy some more of that prespun stuff) and knitting projects. No spinning. Do you hear me? No spinning! Rabbitch stay far away from me.

Truthfully I am tickled. Really I am. One could get all mystical about the meaning of this gift, how the universe has plans for me that I am totally unaware of yet. On the other hand one could say that because I thought about, however minuscule a thought the universe was simply bending to my immense will, which could be the case given according to the name of this blog it is my universe after all. That would mean I created this reality. Hm. I think this is getting rather convoluted.

Plum tickled I tell you!


Wendy said...

Very cool! That piece is part of the flyer which is held by the mother of all...which is missing. Every wheel has design variations though, so, since you seem to have a whorl up anyway, as long as it's stable you just need to find a way to attach that guide (usually there's another half, and it's important for loading the bobbins evenly for consistent spinning tension).

I love that solid wheel in a square structure look.

Rabbitch said...

Welcome to the dark side.

Want some roving?